A Few Dollars More

Dated: 12/16/2017

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A Few Dollars More

How much can a few dollars difference make?

How Much difference can a few dollars make?

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Sometimes all the difference in the world. It makes the difference from your home selling or not selling. I am talking about $5.73. The average price per square foot of homes that sold last week in Medina County was $97.27. The average price of homes that expired because they did not sell was $103.00. The difference $5.73 per square foot.

Last week we had 35 homes accept contracts and 726 that did not. On an average, there was about a $15.00 dollar a square foot difference.

It all comes down to a few dollars more. I understand that you want to squeeze every dollar out of your investment. Overpricing is not the answer. Overpricing leads to fewer showings, long times on the market and eventually low ball offers.

Pricing at the sweet spot can lead to many showings, multiple offers, short market times and above asking price offer.

Remember when you list your home you are either advertising your neighbors great deal or you are letting them advertise your great deal.

This post is a repost from 2016. However, the concept still holds true today.

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